Unintentional Vandalism of Rock Art Sites

A piece I posted on Liminal Anthropology a while back.. Is is unfortunate that so many incidents come from misguided and outdated practices. One of the more sustainable ways to enjoy a site is simply to look around, take it all in, and don’t touch!

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With resilience to the elements and time, rock surfaces resulted to be the ideal canvas for lasting expressions of past cultures. Unfortunately, they are also accommodating for lasting vandalism, the effects of which survive indefinitely alongside original rock art. Unintentional damage often occurs from visitor use.

Spirit Bird Cave Petroglyph Panel (San Juan County, UT) Spirit Bird Cave Petroglyph Panel (San Juan County, UT)

There are multiple factors which must be considered including environmental, social, and economic factors (Deacon 2006), as well as concerns of vandalism.There are two general types of vandalism that affect rock art sites: deliberate and unintentional.

Deliberate vandalism involves a conscious decision to alter the rock art with various methods; including graffiti, initial carving (Individuals feel the need to mark that the have been at the site as well, and carve their name or initials), looting, and target practice. Preventing deliberate vandalism is not my primary focus for this research, as the effects…

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