Rock Art Timelines: Incidents of Intentional Human Damages to Rock Art Sites in Utah

While there are many ways contemporary humans can alter rock-art sites, the intentional ways are the most preventable. These intentional deliberate vandalisms reveal a conscious decision to alter the rock art with various methods; including graffiti and initial carving. Through the evidence at rock art sites, we can see that individuals feel the need to mark that the have been at the site, but what we cannot see is precisely what drives that desire to permanently connect with a site.

All American Man in Utah (From Chaffee, Hyman, and Rowe, 1994)

All American Man in Utah-outlined in chalk (From Chaffee, Hyman, and Rowe, 1994)

May 2014 JMN Initials are carved in Nine Mile Canton, Utah  (Family has apologized and agreed to pay damages)

June 2014 West Side of Utah Lake Painted with Targets

September 2015 University Students Deface Rock Art in Utah

October 2015 Arches National Park releases open letter regarding name carving on park property